"You do what most forget to in Theatre, you Play... " MAX HOFFMAN Writer/Director - Disney/FOX   

The PlaySpace Theatre Company has been a germ of an idea for a long time. Only in recent events have these ideas been put into action. I first voiced my dream at a week-long training retreat with Lynne Bradley (Zen Zen Zo Theatre Company, Brisbane, Australia) and I was overwhelmed with positive encouragement, so much so that as I was driving away from that week of heaven I had decided, The PlaySpace will be a reality. 
The PlaySpace's biggest priority is making theatre acessible for everyone. In a time where the world is grey and unforgiving there becomes a unquenchible thirst for salvation through art, but times are tough and purse strings are tight  so live theatre is often put on the backburner. Not only do we strive to make our theatre affordable, but FOR the audience. Theatre needs to reflect us, it is intended to hold a mirror out the word for us to act upon, therefore this demonstrates the ever increasing need for our work to relate to the audience.